a gradual decay and regrowth.

kristen. nineteen. kent state state university student. interest in veterinary medicine and public health. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ±

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"I wonder if I’ve ever seen a future friend, acquaintance, or loved one prior to meeting them but just not known it at the time. Were they on a plane overhead, or down the street, or in the next room?

Fate’s a funny thing. It may push a person to the edge of meeting you before an eventual collision."

so i may or may not have just come up with the best idea i’ve ever had. i think i’m going to move out of my apartment and stay home at my parents until christmas break, saving a ton of money in rent. with that rent money and the 500$ i made babysitting, i have enough cash to fly to hawaii for the marine corp ball in november and see jordan.


i just want to be married. is that crazy? i’m having wife fever or something.

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the river and my elephants
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